Steven Hawking: The Question is “Why?”

New paper. Why is Steven Hawking saying what he’s saying? In a nutshell…mathematics.

Download new paper here: Time Burn

We gotta get cracking…


Free Suborbital Plans

Check out our latest offer. We will give you a set of plans (electronic version) for FREE. All you have to do is provide scanned copies of the required documentation to prove you are a legal US resident and we will email you back various blueprints and manuals from which you can build a real suborbital rocket.

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Web Site moving to Paid Subscription

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are quickly moving over to primarily a Kindle e-book format on the visitor side of things. However, with a donation of $5 or more, you can gain access to the members-only area where you can download as many papers as you want. We think that because of the sensitive nature of these things that we want a little more of a paper trail for those involved.


Once we get your email address, we’ll just shoot you over the password. Again, we apologize, but just dealing with realities of the situation.

New Paper on AXION approach to Grand Unification.

Its finally here: the FUN project. This project implements the FUN theorem, an axion -based space-time simulator used to programmatically study subatomic particles. Using some of Einstein’s earlier work expressing space as curved dimensionality we believe we are close to proving Grand Unification. Even a theory of Quantum Gravity will pop out of the work in an novel and elegant way.

Check out the paper by downloading fun_theorem1, or by linking to THE VERTEX page.

Daedalus preliminary design finished.

We are pleased to announce that our original projections are born out in simulation that we can indeed produce a true suborbital rocket that will propel one or two people to an altitude of 330,000 (62 miles) high.

I would like to remind people that my entrance into the original X Prize was stymied by my schizophrenia and I am bound and determined to overcome this ugly disease by building this rocket and proving to my friend, and myself, that I could have not only competed but even won the X-Prize purse.

We are thinking about releasing the plans of this manned rocket to interested parties for free so long as they supply some critical documentation. I want to see this thing build and A.S.A.P so we are thinking of taking a chance on this. We sell the plans already, but we intend to GIVE you a set of plans (complete with simulation data expressed in ANSI C, complete motor design and module expressed in 2D drafting format, the electronic version that you can print out on a wide-format printer) for ZERO dollars USD.

See our Advanced Sales page if you are interested in obtaining one of these constructed vehicles.


Read My Latest Blog Entry

I felt it important enough to mention here on my home page, what I was saying on my blog about the EXPER project. A lot of you might have heard stirrings of findings regarding this project that probes the inner structure of nucleons and quarks.

Here is a hyperlink to it:

Good news! We finally have a prototype model of the Higgs Boson (based in part on our modelling of the W Boson, its smaller cousin). I’ll try to upload a PDF of its proposed structure for your perusal.

I would point out that EXPER probably raised more questions than it answered, however one avenue of thought we think has potential…a lot of potential. It pertains to axion-related research and I’m already cringing at the amount of work it might require to develop.